How To Make Your Own Party-Perfect Photo Booth (For Cheap!)

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No party these days is complete without a photo booth. Long gone are the days when you had to rent an actual booth from a photographer and pay a pricey premium for these entertaining keepsakes. If you're in the crux of party planning and find yourself low on funds but high in desire to put together a killer photo booth, just know that you don't need to spend much to add on this creative party activity.

If you have no idea where to start for your party's photo booth, we've put together an easy guide for creating one from scratch — and you'll be shocked by just how easy it is. Soon, you'll never throw another party without a photo booth again!

You don't need anything fancy for your photo booth setting. If you have a plain white wall, that will be perfect and allow for your photography subjects and props to shine. If you want to jazz up your background, consider hanging up a foil curtain or a customized banner with whatever snarky saying you want.

Lighting and Setting
You want to pick an area for your photo booth that is appropriate for your party, so don't stick it in the middle of the living room where all of the action is going to be. Instead, putting it near the entrance to your home or off in a corner of the party is ideal. And, of course, you want your photo booth setting to be in the best lighting possible so your pictures can have a high-quality look.

If you want to do your photo booth right, a point-and-click digital camera on a tripod is the way to go. Complete the package with a wireless shutter remote so everyone can be in the photo instead of designating a photographer. Of course, not everyone has that time, budget, or effort. For your average party photo booth, any smartphone with a decent camera will be more than sufficient. Either supply your guests with a selfie stick or have guests take turns snapping with their own phones.

What really makes your photo booth stand out is the props. Sets of photo booth props are easily found on Etsy and can be customized for any party theme, from saucy bachelorette party packs and kid-friendly princesses to classic glasses and mustaches and everything in between. If you're truly looking to be budget-friendly, dig through your closet for your most garish scarves, crazy costume jewelry, and old hats. You never know what you may find.

If you're not going to post your photo booth pictures on social media, why even bother having one? Just kidding... sort of. Create a customized party hashtag for you and your friends to tag on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can easily find these photo booth masterpieces the morning after. If you're lacking creativity, try a hashtag generator for inspiration.