How to Host a Killer Party From Your Tiny Apartment Kitchen

You don’t need a huge dinner table to host a dinner party in your apartment
Small Apartment Kitchen


Tiny kitchens are capable of cooking for a crowd.

If you’re a city-dweller, it’s likely the place you call home is not the spacious palace you once dreamed of inhabiting. However, that doesn’t have to mean that no one can ever visit your home, and that every party you want to have will have to be held elsewhere. Even the tiniest of apartments have the ability to host a sizeable dinner party. You just need to do a lot of preparation and have a little savvy know-how to make it possible.

How to Host a Killer Party From Your Tiny Apartment Kitchen (Slideshow)

Your kitchen may be tiny, and maybe you don’t even have a dinner table, but don’t lose hope. If this is the first dinner party you’re hosting in your apartment, you should try to keep the number of guests low — probably no more than eight people, including yourself. You don’t want to challenge yourself too much the first time around. Once you’ve hosted your first and seen how successful it was (and that your friends didn’t mind sitting on the floor, or eating with mismatching flatware), then you’ll be all set to host as many people as you can possibly squeeze through your front door the next time around.

There are three key elements to hosting a killer party from your tiny kitchen. Firstly, you need to maximize your space. Rearrange your furniture, move decorations and extra clutter into other rooms, and use furniture in unconventional ways. Secondly, plan what you’re cooking carefully, and prepare everything ahead of time. If you have a mini apartment, you really don’t have space to be stressing in the kitchen when all your guests have arrived. Thirdly, relax. Remember these are just your friends — you’ve invited them because you want to spend the evening with them, not because you need to impress them with a perfect fine dining banquet. As long as there’s something to eat and plenty to drink, everyone will have a great time, so don’t stress about the mismatching furniture and the wonky table. That’s not what they’re there to worry about.


Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll still be the hostess with the mostest, even though your apartment kitchen is only one meter squared.