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Co-Ed Showers


Who said baby showers are a chick thing? It takes two to get pregnant last time I checked. This dude-centric event is the number one new baby shower trend sweeping the nation. Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope says, "These guy-friendly events usually involve alcoholic beverages (rather than the usual mocktail menu) and take place in the late afternoon to evening rather than the traditional late morning to early afternoon." If you're more of a traditionalist, one option is to let the ladies gather indoors to play games and open gifts while the dudes do a "Diapers for Dad" thing on the patio with beer and BBQ.

Gender Reveal Showers

This is a party thrown to reveal the sex of the baby. As Digital Mom reports, you have your ultrasound tech write your baby's gender on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope. You can take the envelope to a baker who can bake a baby-shower cake around the envelope. As you can imagine, a lot of fun can be had before the big reveal. You can ask guests to dress in pink or blue to designate whether they think it's a boy or a girl, or create a voting contest. After the big reveal, you can also enlist your guests to help think up a bunch of names. The possibilities are endless!

Upscale Showers

Thanks to the baby boom in Hollywood, baby showers have become an event to talk about. (Anyone remember Phaedra's "bougie" baby shower on the Real Housewives of Atlanta?)  Long gone are the showers from our mother's era when the mom-to-be wore a crown of ribbons and dined on chocolate rattles.

Green Showers calls it an "Heirloom Shower," calls it a "Green Shower." Whatever you call it, it means you request that guests only bring secondhand items. As described on, "Guests are asked to bring an heirloom or lightly worn hand-me-down item in lieu of a fancy new gift to this recession-friendly bash, and should be encouraged to recycle and re-gift the many expensive baby items some of us only use for weeks — if ever." Those who don't have heirloom items can bring a favorite book from when they were a child or write a special letter to the baby. You can also purchase stuff for the mom and baby from a secondhand clothing store. Other green ideas: wrapping presents in newspaper or receiving blankets, serving locally grown food, and giving out flowering plants or potted herbs as favors. A baby shower on a mission? I'm there!

Sip and See

Another trend that's all the rage is what's being called a "Sip and See," which translates into sipping alcoholic beverages and seeing the baby. A couple bonuses to Sip and Sees are that parents can register for items they realize they need after baby's birth or items they didn't get before baby was born. Mom can also indulge in some celebratory champagne. Plus, isn't a party better when the guest of honor (the baby) can attend?

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