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Peppermint Gum

Don't be a hot head! A study from Wheeling Jesuit University reported decreased feelings of fatigue and anxiety when studying volunteers who chewed peppermint and cinnamon gum while driving. To get in on this cure, grab a pack of peppermint and cinnamon gum and get chewing!

For more details about this study, check out Yahoo Health.

Tea Bags

The tannins in tea are believed to contain natural drying and astringent agents, which can nix the perspiration causing stinky feet. To try this remedy at home, boil a gallon of water then toss in four to five tea bags. Cool completely before soaking feet for a half-hour.

Read more about this cure from Dr. Oz.


Prevention Magazine reports a possible link between yogurt and good breath. Some preliminary research seems to indicate that the live bacteria in yogurt can actually suppress the bacteria which causes bad breath! To try this remedy at home, simple spoon some natural yogurt into your diet daily and start seeing the positive effects!

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A Spoonful of Sugar

Mary Poppins knew what she was singing about! A spoonful of sugar goes a long way... it can actually cure hiccups! In the Doctor's Book of Home Remedies, Dr. André Dubois, noted that the "sugar is probably acting in the mouth to modify the nervous impulses." To try on this home cure, place a spoonful of granulated sugar in your mouth when you have the hiccups, then slowly suck on it until the hiccups are gone.

Learn more about this cure at Prevention.

Olive Oil

Eczema can be more than pesky, it can be painful and hard to treat, especially when the chilly, dry months of winter move in. However, some dermatologists recommend using olive oil to reduce inflammation and increase moisture levels in eczema-prone skin. To try this cure at home, simply rub one teaspoon into each square inch of affected skin.

Learn more about the healing benefits of olive oil at Prevention.

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