Holiday DIY: Mason Jar Party Favors Slideshow

Cookie Batter in a Jar

This is without a doubt the perfect favor for a cookie exchange party. Create jars of mixes (coordinate it with the cookie you baked for the party) by layering the necessities: flour, sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips, or any other major ingredients. Attach a recipe card or cookie cutter to the jar and you're all set.

: If you're hosting a holiday party for kids, look no further. Moms and kids alike will love this little Mason jar sippy cup. Cut a small hole in the top of the jar and put a straw through — choose a trendy stripe or fun swirly straw — and get creative. Paint names on the jars, cover in bright fabrics, or put chalkboard stickers and write on names for something that's cute and functional.

Tea Time

Have your guests participate in the DIY, too. Offer jars filled with various tea bags — peppermint, green tea, chamomile, etc. — and have them go through and put their own combo into their jars. Offer cinnamon sticks, wrapped biscotti, or little cookies to go with the tea.

Hot Cocoa Mix

Scoop a few tablespoons of your favorite hot chocolate mix into the bottom of a Mason jar (you could also put the mix in a Ziploc bag for easy removal) and layer the jar with tasty toppings like marshmallows, chocolate chips (dark and white), peppermints, or some cinnamon sticks for an extra (and delicious) dash of fun. Tie with ribbon and voilà — ready for the party!


Cupcake in a Jar

Not only is this scrumptious, but it'll look adorable in the jar and on display at the party. Alternate layering red velvet cupcakes (holiday-appropriate color!) and cream cheese icing in the Mason jar, and when finished, tie a spoon around the lid for a cute presentation. The result? A sweet treat that your guests may be munching on during the drive home.