Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff ‘Comes Clean’ About Her Love for Trader Joe's Snacks and Halloween Candy

Get it? Like the song!
Hilary Duff

The 2000’s-era icon talks Trader Joe’s snacks, Halloween candy, and entertaining tips in an exclusive interview.

In a revealing interview with Refinery29, actress, singer, and former Disney channel breakout star Hilary Duff divulged all of her favorite Halloween treats and Trader Joe’s snacks and offered her favorite entertaining advice.

Duff told the lifestyle website that she is “obsessed” with Trader Joe’s egg white salad and also loves to snack on the Tempting Trail Mix and dried mango with chili powder. We know that the dried mango is one of the 53 products Trader Joe’s customers and employees love the most, so clearly she has great taste.

In the fall she finds herself craving “more savory flavors” but when she indulges in some Halloween candy, she goes right for her favorites like Reese’s and Kit-Kats. "I hated candy corn as a kid, but now I love it," she revealed. Hopefully her son Luca, 5, didn’t inherit her distaste for the trick-or-treat favorite.

As for entertaining guests, Duff knows that establishing a comfortable atmosphere is a paramount. "I love cozy nights in with girlfriends in the fall," she said. "Nothing inspires conversation like cooking and wine.”


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