Hey Girl, You Can Drink A Latte With Ryan Gosling's Face On It

Everyone loves Ryan Gosling. The La La Land actor is a talented actor, charming beyond belief, and ridiculously good looking. But do you love Ryan Gosling enough to drink him? Well, now at one Los Angeles coffee shop, you can.

According to Los Angeles Magazine, Carrera Café in West Hollywood is serving Gosling's mug in your mug. It's all thanks to its Ripple Maker, a machine that can create photo-realistic art in your latte foam. And of course people have used it to start their days by staring into the dreamy, foamy eyes of one of Hollywood's favorite leading men.

Plus, it makes for one insanely likeable Instagram post.


But you can put anything in your latte, so long as you've downloaded Carrera Café's app. You can sip on inspirational quotes, cartoon characters, the L.A. skyline, or pictures of your own dog.


Though the Ripple Maker may be putting your everyday latte artist out of business, I think we have to all agree that this beats your average heart or swirl.

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