bride eating pizza


Here’s Why There’s No Reason to Go on a Wedding Diet

That dress will look flawless regardless of your size; trust us
bride eating pizza


If you want to eat some pizza before your wedding, eat some pizza!

Planning a wedding is a long, difficult process. And while the payoff is an event that you’ll remember for a lifetime, all of your hard work and planning — between finding your dream venue, picking out a perfect menu, designing a stunning cake, putting together a guest list (and compiling returned RSVPs), and handling everything else on your wedding planning checklist — can get really stressful.

The most easily avoidable stressor leading up to your wedding day? Losing weight. It’s something nearly every bride at least tries to do, but it’s one of the least necessary things to do. Here’s why:

Alterations Can Get Pricey and Involved
There’s actually a really practical reason not to sweat your weight leading up to your wedding: getting your wedding dress purchased and tailored. While most gowns will require a few seams let out here and there and some tightening in other spots, if you lose a significant amount of weight, your dress will need to be completely torn apart and re-sewn. If that sounds expensive, that’s because it is. If this needs to happen multiple times in the months leading up to your wedding, the alteration bills will just grow and grow.

If you’re worried about how you’ll end up looking in your wedding dress, know that gowns come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter what your body type is, there’s a perfect dress out there for you. And once you buy a dress, it will be altered to your exact dimensions. Nothing makes you look better than a perfectly-tailored garment, which your wedding dress will be.

It’ll Add Stress to Your Wedding Planning
Planning a wedding is a long, stressful process that involves everything from finding venues and vendors to picking out a dreamy color palette to dealing with the wants and needs of family and close friends. In the midst of the hundreds of things big and small that you need to do when wedding planning, do you really need to add another item on your to-do list? Losing weight in a healthy, responsible manner is a lengthy process that will leave you hungry, tired, and stressed. Trust us: You’ll need as much energy as possible (and a few glasses of wine) to get through wedding planning.

You’ll Focus Too Much on Your Looks
When you look back at photos of your wedding day, what do you want to see? A happy bride starting a new life with her true love — or pudgy arms, thick thighs, and a little extra roundness in your chin? It’s hard not to be super-critical of our bodies, but if you start a pre-wedding diet and are maybe less successful than you wanted to be, you’ll look back at your wedding day not for the beautiful celebration of love that it is but as a deadline that you failed to meet.

Your Fiancé Loves You Regardless
No, you shouldn’t put all of your confidence in one person, but weight loss isn’t an instant secret to a sexier you or more self-confidence anyway. You know who already thinks you look great just the way you are? The person who agreed to marry you. Really, when it comes time to tie the knot, worry less about what you look like and more on how you feel. If you’re happy to be getting married, you’ll look stunning anyway! There’s no better accessory than a smile.