Halloween-Themed Tableware Slideshow

Crate & Barrel Staub Pumpkin Covered Casserole $159.95

Sure, you want your dishes to stand out during a Halloween-themed dinner, but what about the serving ware? Wow your friends with this stunning cast-iron casserole pot. Usually, it's what's on the inside that matters— but this time outside counts, too.

Pier1 Halloween Spreader Set $14.95

Spread the fun — or fear — with these themed knives.

Pier1 Spider Halloween Crackers $16.95

Surprise guests with a party cracker filled with prizes, candies, and themed confetti. What a way to start your bash with a bang, right?

Pottery Barn Skeleton Hand Condiment Set $59.00

Maybe you're featuring a buffet at your Halloween party instead of a sit-down. While your visitors serve themselves, sneak in this handy — and scary — condiment set, because nothing says Halloween like a skeleton server.

Williams-Sonoma Halloween Potions Rectangular Appetizer Plates $39.95

Create an eerie table by serving up your holiday fare on these potion plates. With a vintage flair, these cauldron-bubbling design plates will be enough to shake the feathers of your guests before they even eat anything.


Tzaddihome PumpkinHeads Handmade Glass Coaster Set $35.00

There are the happy kinds of jack-o'-lanterns and then there are these — definitely not cheery, that's for sure. Keep your guests on their toes and make them use a coaster with these frightening faces.


Uncommon Goods Ghost Salt and Pepper Shakers $20.00

Can you pass the ghost? Season your dishes with a little help from your ghoulish pals.