'The Great British Baking Show' Is Back: 5 Reasons You Should Watch This Season

Break out your tea and crumpets: The Great British Baking Show is officially back on the air in the U.S. On Friday (June 16), season 4 is set to premiere on PBS stations nationwide, and it's the one reality show you really need to be watching this summer.

Though Americans know this show as The Great British Baking Show, in its native England, this beloved show is known as The Great British Bake Off, or fondly, just GBOO or Bake Off. And even though PBS is billing this season as the fourth, it's actually the seventh installation of the popular program. And even if you've never watched it before, you absolutely must. And here's why:

Everyone Is Insanely Kind
American reality shows, even our cooking competitions, are cutthroat. I mean, we literally have a TV show called Cutthroat Kitchen. On the contrary, everyone on The Great British Baking Show is insanely kind to each other. They'll even assist one another when someone is seriously struggling with their bake! Imagine seeing that on Cupcake Wars! When your biggest scandal is whether or not someone accidentally removed ice cream from the freezer, you know your show is kindhearted.

And, there's no prize money on this show. Everyone truly is there for the love of baking and the potential honor of winning.

It's the Most Quaint Yet Subtly Dirty Show on TV
Few shows are more relaxing than The Great British Baking Show. It takes place in an English garden, for goodness' sake! Though each episode consists of three rounds, the pacing is slow and steady and moments are given proper time to breathe. It's like a mental massage.

But, don't think this means the show is boring. There are so many innuendos in this show that viewers have actually complained about the nut and dripping jokes. But these comments are meant for interpretation. If you think a stiff icing is dirty, that's on you.

When Mel and Sue aren't talking about spotted dick and soggy bottoms, they're offering up some of the freshest food puns in the game. You probably didn't know there are roughly 500 ways to make a "batter" joke, but these ladies do.

You Get Serious Baking Inspo
This show is so wonderfully shot and filled with so many unbelievable baked goods, that you'll want to whip up some homemade biscuits and cakes and breads as soon as the show is over. The Great British Baking Show is also really educational; you'll learn the techniques and history behind iconic pastries like the Napoleon and the pear tart.

It's the Last Season With Beloved Hosts Sue and Mel and Judge Mary Berry
Yes, we've sung the praises of these three, but this season will be their last. The U.K. already had to say goodbye to Sue, Mel, and Mary when the season wrapped on BBC One in October. Though we sincerely hope new hosts Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig and new judge Prue Leith will do an incredible job alongside returning judge Paul Hollywood as the show moves to Channel 4, there's nothing quite like the original four's magic. So we Americans should relish it while we can.