Go Green with These 5 Sustainable Party Kits Slideshow

WESARA’s Party Kit for 6 or 50

Whether you're hosting a small dinner party or a large-sized bash, this kit is perfect because it includes party goods made from bamboo and recycled paper. It contains plates, tumblers, napkins, utensils, and a waste bag for cleanup. $49 for six, $249 for 50.

Birthday Kits for Kids

This Seattle-based brand is from mom Trish, who enjoyed planning parties for her kids so she created great theme party kits that are environmentally friendly. Kits are $45 to rent.

Veneerware’s Party Kit for 16 or 50

With enough for 16 or 50, this kit from Veneerware is made from organically grown bamboo and recycled paper. Nearly the entire kit will biodegrade in four to six months in a compost. $68 for 16, $199 for 50.


Compostable Party Kit for 50 or 150

This kit is ideal for all of your large party needs and is made from a variety of sustainable items, including bagasse, recycled paper, and CPLA. Prices vary.

Susty Party’s Party Kit for 24

This party perfect kit features 24 dinner plates, 24 bowls, 24 green-striped Susty party cups, 50 gray-striped straws, and 50 green cutlery sets. Although it's basically all-natural in color, it has pops of green and gray stripes that add a little life to your table. $59.