Give the Goody Bags Early: Get Crafty with a Jelly Belly Birthday Party! from Give the Goody Bags Early: Get Crafty with a Jelly Belly Birthday Party! Slideshow

Give the Goody Bags Early: Get Crafty with a Jelly Belly Birthday Party! Slideshow


Give the Goody Bags Early: Get Crafty with a Jelly Belly Birthday Party!

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Incorporating Jelly Belly jelly beans into any birthday party is imaginative and delicious all at once! See our gallery for some more ideas. For these types of fun party projects, find Jelly Belly jelly beans in bulk at candy stores, in specially packaged bags at party stores, or on

Jelly Belly Bracelets

Kristen Hom

It’s time to bring home the bling.  With a simple needle (parental guidance required), stretch chord, and a variety of jelly beans, anyone can take their tasty jewels to go.  The Jelly Belly Jewel Collection is the perfect choice for a project as glamorous as this one.  With a beautiful pearlescent sheen on classic flavors like Jewel Very Cherry and Jewel Berry Blue, these charms will be the talk of the town (if they make it home without being eaten).  Artzy Creations has some great examples and ideas here.

Color Category Games


The variety of flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans makes category games an organized amusement for any celebration.  An old-school favorite is the “Questions” game.  Pick 5-10 Jelly Belly bean flavors and have the group mix them all up.  Each color is then assigned a question or challenge (kind of like truth or dare), which is written down for all to see.  When it’s someone’s turn, they close their eyes, pick a bean, and follow the “instructions” paired with that color! For instance, if you pick a green, you would have to jump on two feet for 30 seconds, purple could be tell us your most embarrassing memory, red could be to share your favorite TV show or animal, and blue will tell you to spin round and round until you’re dizzy! Kids love coming up with the categories and “dares”, then acting them out.

Customize with Candy


Jelly Belly beans can help you create a custom look to your party theme. For example, almost every kid in the world has been fascinated by fire trucks and firefighters at some point in their lives, so “WOW” them with a vintage fire truck party and let Jelly Belly come to the rescue! Pair a toy fire hydrant or vintage fire truck with buckets of “water” – small silver buckets filled with Berry Blue works best (take a look at the adorable ones from Anders Ruff.)

Or, go the cooking route and bake cupcakes with fire-hose toppings (Red Apple and Coconut chains look just like the real thing) or design fire truck cookies covered in red icing and Jelly Belly Unbearably HOT Cinnamon Bears – careful, they’re hot!

Party Favors

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From the moment a child enters a party to the moment they leave, they’re usually wondering what’s going to be in that goody bag.  Make your mark with adorable and delicious take home treats.  Personalized tins or bags filled with colorful Jelly Belly jelly beans are always a hit. “Ice cream” to go is another fun play - let the kids fill an ice cream cup (a la these cute ones from Wax Wizard) with their favorite “scoops” of Jelly Belly jelly beans (French Vanilla and Tutti-Frutti work well), and slap on the top for a no-melt, take home indulgence.

BeanBoozled® jelly beans


Kids think they are such candy connoisseurs, but what happens when they get BeanBoozled?  Jelly Belly introduced 10 wild and weird flavors paired with 10 look-alike tasty beans to present a challenge even the bravest boys and girls may think twice about.  Players sort through identical colors and dare to try flavors like Moldy Cheese or Caramel Corn, Baby Wipes or Coconut, Toothpaste or Berry Blue. It’s quite refreshing watching your kids get grossed out by something other than Broccoli!