Getting Married? Don't Miss These Hot Wedding Floral Colors For 2015

When it comes to weddings, whether it's a winter wonderland or a rustic fall theme, color (and, of course, color coordination)is always key for a successful celebration. Angel Kevin, florist on BloomNation and head floral, bridal & event consultant at Not Just A Flower Shop in El Paso, TX, shares this year's biggest trending colors in the wedding world.

1. Green Goddess

Out of all the colors on our list, green goddess complements the widest variety of hues and tones — therefore, it's our first choice on this year's color trend chart. Green goddess can accompany anything from green roses to orchids, from hydrangeas to amaryllis. Green is a complementing and easily blended hue that gives that main color a dramatic increase.

Photo c/o of Design Shop in Glendale, CA

2. Vintage Pink


This shade of pink is perfect for those looking for a more pale or rustic color. It's a dynamic hue and is expressed in its own way. When you hear of vintage weddings, this should be the first vintage color that pops into your head.

 Photo c/o Gotham Florist in New York, NY

3. Peach/Tangerine


A serene peach tone is a color of celebration. Its bright and happy appearance adds a great, warm feeling to any bouquet. Pair it with crème and coral for the perfect blush spring wedding combo.

Photo c/o of English Garden Florist in Las Vegas, NV

4. Ice Blue


The cooling chill of ice blue helps with the winter experience, but it can also add a bit of pop to summer and spring extravaganzas. This color provides for a blue that isn't tinted: it has a natural feel and a great glow.

 Photo c/o of Gratitude-Heart-Garden Florist in Chicago, IL

5. Marsala

This is the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, best known as an earthy red wine, rich in a burgundy hue. It's been a big hit, not only in fashion, but in flowers as
well. Not to be confused with plum or autumn red, this color can make any
wedding a truly romantic (and trendy) one.

Photo c/o of Back Bay Florist in Boston, MA

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