Get Gold-Topped Cronuts in These Fancy Celeb-Designed Boxes (Slideshow)

Dominique Ansel has teamed up with Heidi Klum and more for the Cronut Mission

Cast of 'Rock of Ages'

The cast of Rock of Ages contributed this signed, red-and-black desgin.

Peter Som

Designer Peter Som, known for his printed dresses, printed his plastic carriers with a gray, floral pattern.

David Stark

The designer, event planner, author, and head of David Stark Designs created a canvas Cronut box, complete with a pocket square.

Vicente Wolf

The interior designer bedecked his plastic carrier with Swarovski crystals.

Jonathan Adler

The designer added on matte prints to the Cronut box.

Simon Doonan

Fashion personality Simon Doonan gave his Cronut box a Lady Gaga-esque wig of synthetic blond hair.

Cast of 'First Date'

The cast of First Date created a minimalist box, full of signatures (Zachary Levi included).

Amanda Freitag

The New York chef produced a comic book-esque box that serves as an ode to New York.

Cast of 'A Night with Janis Joplin'

The cast of A Night with Janis Joplin bedazzled their box with glitter and topped it with a jaunty feather.

Heidi Klum

The supermodel's extravagant box comes bejeweled with multi-colored crystals.

Christiane Lemieux

Lemieux, the woman behind DwellStudio who started all of this, had these plastic boxes made for all the designers. She printed hers with adorable birds.

Cast of 'Motown the Musical'

The Motown box is autographed by members of the cast.

Cast of 'Pippin'

Pippin's cast added on a blue and red checkered print, plus photos of the crew.

Joan Rivers

The television host seemingly painted on images of flowers and, "Yum." Fitting.