Blogger Who Recreated Mario Batali's Cinnamon Rolls Had Her Twitter Hacked

Geraldine DeRuiter, a Seattle-based blogger, earned plaudits earlier this month for hilariously recreating the cinnamon rolls from Mario Batali's infamously misguided email apology addressing sexual harassment accusations against him. Now she's facing some perhaps-to-be-expected backlash: Her Twitter was hacked.

In an email to The Daily Meal, DeRuiter said that having her Twitter hacked and perhaps offered up for auction was not the first time she's faced backlash against her blog, The Everywhereist. She's received hateful comments, anti-Semitic insults, and attacks on Twitter. But after going viral by recreating Batali's rolls, she faced a whole new level of backlash.


According to The Stranger, DeReuiter's Twitter photo, header, name, and pinned tweet were all changed by a hacker. The intruder also unfollowed all other accounts and wiped clean all of DeRuiter's previous tweets.


"At first I thought the hack was unrelated to the post, which was perhaps naive," DeRuiter explained. "At the very least, the hack was a result of my account getting a lot of attention because of the post. At worst, it was a malicious attack. It appears that the hackers are quite young, and based on the DMs that were sent from my account, they get a kick out of taking over accounts and selling them."


Though her Twitter is now back online, DeRuiter said that in the days following the initial cyber-attack that she's "had numerous hacking attempts made on the blog."

Despite the hack, DeRuiter won't stop baking or taking on the patriarchy. She's already fired back to misogynists and hackers via Twitter. (Warning: language.)

Oh, and since Batali's pizza-based recipe was a bust, how does the experienced home baker recommend executing the perfect cinnamon rolls? "Don't roll the rolls too tightly (they will pop up like mine did). You need to let the cinnamon rolls rise after rolling and before putting them in the oven. And don't, under any circumstances, use pizza dough," DeRuiter said.


Sexual harassment in the food industry is a serious issue. In addition to Batali, Ken Friedman, John Besh, Johnny Iuzzini, Todd English, and more have been accused of inappropriate conduct, making the need for reform in the restaurant world one of the biggest lessons we learned about food in 2017.