Fun Wedding Food Statistics Slideshow

Sushi Chef

2 percent of couples hire a sushi chef for the reception.

Groom's Gift

31 percent of grooms give their groomsmen a flask or a beer stein.

Groom's Cake

24 percent of couples have a grooms cake.

Post Proposal Dieting

57 percent of women start dieting after the proposal.

Sweetheart Table

1 in 10 couples sits at a sweetheart table at the reception.

One Drink!

66 percent of brides plan on having a drink before walking down the aisle.


Approximately 1 out of 10 couples serve pigs in a blanket at their cocktail party or reception.

No Registry

7 percent of brides do not register.

Signature Cocktail

18 percent of couples serve a signature drink.

Wedding Cake

68 percent of brides have a traditional tiered wedding cake, with an average cost of $540.

Rehearsal Dinner

The average rehearsal dinner costs $1,127