Escaped Bull Calf Who Ran Through Brooklyn Is Headed For Sanctuary, Not Steak

A young bull spent the day trotting around Brooklyn after escaping from a nearby slaughterhouse. After an hours-long chase by police through Prospect Park, the calf was finally captured. Law enforcement on the scene told PIX11 News that it will not be returned to the slaughterhouse, but sent to an animal sanctuary instead.

The calf's escapade began in Park Slope around noon October 17. Law enforcement attempted to capture the bull with nets on the soccer fields of Prospect Park, but failed. Helicopters flew overhead, and a large group gathered around the park to spectate.

"The cow was terrified," local resident Hillary Dovel told "It charged the fence a couple of times."

Around 1:20 p.m., the 650-pound bull was tranquilized and captured by NYPD and taken to Skylands Animal Sanctuary in New Jersey. An FDNY spokesperson told Gothamist that they treated a child who'd been knocked from its stroller by the loose livestock. There were no additional injuries.

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