Eco-Friendly Summer Party Tips Slideshow

Go green at your next outdoor bash


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Send out invitations via email for a paperless, convenient way to announce your gathering.


Use “eco-disposable” plates, cups, and utensils for big crowds. They’re durable but can be thrown away because they’re made from renewable and biodegradable sugar cane.

Offer Green Beverages

CalNaturale wine is made from organic grapes and available in eco-friendly Tetra-Paks. Additionally, try to use pitchers of water and other non-alcoholic drinks vs. individual bottles.

Green Menu

Meat production is considered a strain on the environment, so grill up a few meat-free dishes. Gardein offers several tasty, meat-free options like Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Wings, Chick’n Sliders and Sizzling Szechuan Beefless Strips that are easy to prepare and guests are sure to enjoy.


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Throw your party during the day to avoid using light bulbs, and if the party extends into the night, use candles to light up the backyard and create an intimate atmosphere. Use locally grown flowers or bowls filled with fruit or shells for a reusable centerpiece.