The Dos And Don'ts Of Outdoor Entertaining

To help you host your first successful outdoor event, we've pulled together a list of dos and don'ts that will serve as a great guide for any type of party. Be sure that you are prepared to make it the best time ever by following these tips!

DO: Clean Up Outside!

Throwing an event outside is pretty easy-breezy in the clean-up department, but that doesn't mean that you should let your outdoors stay unkempt. Be sure you clean your grill, sweep rogue leaves and flowers off of your seating area, and check that linens on patio furniture are fresh, dry, and safe for guests to sit on. 

DON’T: Forger to Decorate

Sure, the great outdoors are picturesque, but that doesn't mean that you can slack off on your decorating! Spruce up your picnic table with fresh spring flowers or simply drape rows of beautiful outdoor lighting to make your backyard magical. 

DON’T: Go Too Formal

Your party can be elegant and put together, but if you're envisioning cocktail dresses and crystal servingware, you should put your outdoor party dreams to rest. Typically, outdoor affairs err on the more informal side, so make sure that your plates, glassware, and even your outfit are relaxed. 

DO: Have a Contingency Plan

Weather is 100 percent out of your control. Should the skies open up and pour down rain, that doesn't mean your event has to be a wash! Just be flexible. Save the decor you can and repurpose it in your house, then turn to your broiler instead of your grill for the menu. Be sure to have board games on hand to help keep guests occupied. 

DON’T: Neglect Guests’ Needs

Being outside all day in the heat can be less than refreshing. Offer a basket that will help them weather the elements: pack it full of sunscreen, aloe ointments, deodorant spray, hair spray, and bug repellents, and set up mirrors for their convenience.

DO: Offer Seasonal Foods

Remember: folks are not going to be into a heavy meal when it's sweltering outside. Make sure that you offer seasonal sweets and savory items that will leave guests feeling satisfied, not uncomfortable. 

DON’T: Skimp on the Shade

Aside from the fact that the sun damages your skin, it can also ruin your food and make guests uncomfortable. Set up chairs in shaded areas and scatter beach umbrellas around playfully — or attach them to furniture — for extra comfort. 

DO: Remember to Have Backup

Preparedness is always important for an event. Not only should you have extra amounts of foods and a plethora of drinks available, but you need to be ready in case something goes wrong. Before guests arrive, prepare for problems by having these homeopathic summer bummer reliefs ready to go. 

DON'T: Permit Bugs to Ruin Your Time

Nothing is worse than being promptly attacked by bugs on what should be a relaxing day outside! Be sure to keep creepy-crawlies away from your outdoor space or fire pit with the help of these protective foods.