Donald Trump Only Eats The Red And Pink Starbursts

Looks like President Trump has a color preference: America's 45th president only eats the red (cherry) and pink (strawberry) Starburst candies. House majority leader Kevin McCarthy noticed the quirk when the two were alone in the presidential suite on Air Force One. He told The Washington Post he recalled the president's aides telling him later of the partiality, "Those are the president's favorites."

McCarthy later had a House staffer sort through a pile of Starburst candy and place only the red and pink candies into a glass jar that was then labeled with Trump's name and gifted to him. Trump is not alone in his fondness for pink and red Starbursts. The candy brand released an all-pink bag of Starbursts due to popular demand last year. Starburst also sells a bag of variously flavored red candies that are a favorite amongst Starburst fans.

We already know that Trump eats his steak well done and with ketchup, and that he prefers two scoops of ice cream to one. Now we know his Starburst preference as well. Interested in learning even more? Here is a complete guide to Donald Trump's favorite foods.