Dogs In Food Is The Latest Culinary Instagram You Should Be Following

There are a lot of amazing food-related Instagram accounts and hashtags to follow — @wrightkitchen, #foodporn, @thedailymeal... But this week, we've stumbled across the greatest of them all: @dogs_infood.

If the name @dogs_infood doesn't immediately give away what this account is about, let us tell you. It is photographs of delicious, totally Instagrammable food with dogs Photoshopped in. Scrolling through their feed, you see adorable pups expertly turned into pieces of popcorn chicken, doughnuts, muffins, sushi rolls, and marshmallow fluff.



We've all loved a dog so much that you just want to eat. them. up. And now this Instagram account makes it all the more appealing. Like, look at this dog who is now a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream! Where does the doggo end and the dessert begin? We're not sure. But we're in love.

And here is a beautiful, lovable bichon frise who has turned into a head of cauliflower! So fluffy. So fresh.

#healthy, indeed.

Dogs In Food is relatively new to the world of Instagram; the account just launched on December 21. So if you want to be among the coolest kids on social media, give them a follow. And while you're at it, check out Instagram's most snapped place in every state. Why not?