DIY Wedding Welcome Gift Bags for Out-of-Town Guests Slideshow

The first thing you need is a bag.

Try purchasing something that your guest can use again and won’t throw out, like this organic cotton shopping bag from Heart of Vermont. This bag will be strong enough to hold any amount of items you would like to put it in. Your guests can then use it when they go to the grocery store or even the beach. 

The next step is finding items to fill it with.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, provide your guests with some protection from the elements. Badger SPF 30 Anti-Bug Sunscreen protects you and your guests from sunburn while repelling insects and bugs. It is a natural non-toxic formula, safe for wedding guests of any age. 

Provide your guests with something to brighten up their mornings.

Items such as Dean's Beans Coffee are great. Dean's Beans offers delicious 100 percent organic and Fair Trade coffee — a favorite among Green Bride Guide staffers! — and offers brides and grooms the opportunity to customize every detail of the packaging including size, color, blend, and even a label with your names and wedding date. You can even include a lovely mug in your gift bag. If you're an aspiring potter, you can certainly craft them yourself, or purchase some eco-friendly ones like the Potter’s Coffee Mugs, which are made from white stoneware clay and are produced in a wind and hydro-powered studio. These mugs are handcrafted and come in a variety of rich colors to fit any color scheme.

Make sure to supply your guests with something to snack on.

New England Natural Bakers offers a variety of trail mixes that are all natural and organic. In addition, 10 percent of pre-tax profits are donated to organizations that improve environmental and social conditions. These delectable snacks will provide a hearty treat for your guests. 

Purchase local, seasonal, and organic fruits from your farmer’s market for something juicy and sweet for your guests. You could even consider picking your own fruits at a local farm as a pre-wedding activity.

Regional favorites are especially fun to add.

Items such as New England Coffee would be great for your quaint New England wedding. Purchasing from local vendors means that your products won’t have to travel as far, minimizing your carbon emissions. New England Coffee offers a variety of flavors and sizes (the Blueberry Cobbler is a particularly yummy treat!), and regional gifts will give your guests a taste of the area.  


Give your guests something to do in their down time.

Playing Cards and More offers eco-friendly Bicycle playing cards. These cards are crafted from forest paper, starch-based laminating glue, and vegetable-based printing inks and the pack of cards is entirely recyclable.

Provide Relaxation

Since your guests will not be in the comfort of their own homes, add something that will help them relax. Natural bath and body products — like this purifying body scrub from Golden Path Alchemy — will surely leave your guests feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to enjoy your wedding day.

Keep Your Guests Moisturized

For weddings in the fall or winter months, when it tends to be dry and colder, any guest would appreciate a luscious lip balm. Choose one with natural and non-toxic ingredients, like Luxury Lip Smoother lip balm by Bambola Beauty, a super hydrating oil and butter-based lip conditioner.