Marshmallow Shot Glasses

DIY Edible Shot Glasses: What Every Party Needs

Fill toasted marshmallows with liqueur for the best end to every party

How to politely but effectively end your dinner party is a much discussed dilemma. Do you push everyone out the door abruptly when you decide it’s time for bed? Do you try to hint to everyone that it’s time to leave by serving mugs of mint tea or cups of coffee? Or do you let the evening drag on much later than you want it to until your guests finally decide they should leave you in peace and head home? Well, we’ve got a better idea for you for next time you’re hosting a party — end it with a flashy trick that will make everyone smile and remember your party in the best possible way: with a shot served in edible glasses.

There are, of course, many variations of edible shot glasses, but our favorite is the toasted marshmallow, sweet liqueur-filled creation. These aren’t exactly the most reliable, but they’re definitely the most spectacular, and they make the sweetest end to a party. To make them, you’ll need at least one marshmallow per person (it’s probably best to buy some extras, in case something goes wrong), your favorite liqueur that will pair well with a marshmallow, forks, and a campfire or electric burner.

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When it’s time to serve these spectacular shots, you need to begin by lighting your campfire or turning on the burner. Stick a fork in each marshmallow (you can do this all yourself or have your friends make their own), being careful not to pierce through the bottom of the candy. Hover the marshmallow over the heat, and gradually rotate it so that the sides slowly caramelize and turn a light brown color. Keep going until all the sides are the same color, trying to keep the most coloring toward the bottom of the marshmallow. Then place a fork on the bottom of the marshmallow and hold it up so that the base of it is over the heat, until it is just lightly burned. Finally, remove the marshmallow from the heat, and slide it off the fork onto a plate. Let it cool slightly, and watch the inside of it implode. Fill the now hollow marshmallow with your liqueur, and drink it immediately — it’s important you don’t wait too long, otherwise the liqueur will soak through the marshmallow and the entire thing will collapse. Finally, eat the marshmallow. This is undoubtedly the best, most fun, and most memorable way to end your party.