The Definitive Ranking Of Store-Bought Spinach Dips

Spinach dip is the king of creamy appetizers. It combines cheesy goodness with a rich texture, warm spinach, and, sometimes, tangy artichokes for an incredibly satisfying taste. We don't always have time to make our incredible spinach dip from scratch, though. If you find yourself pressed for time and stuck in an aisle full of spinach dip options, then you'll be happy to know, we've ranked them for you. Using editorial discretion and confirming with other lists, we've picked three of the most popular store-bought spinach dips, and ranked them worst to best.

#3 Tostito's Creamy Spinach Dip

While this dip has become a football standard, we find that the consistency is missing a key ingredient: spinach! This dip has a spinach flavor, but the ratio of creamy goodness to spinach is way off. Try enhancing this dip by adding some spinach to it, or avoid it all together.

#2 La Terra Fina's Chunky Spinach, Artichoke, & Parmesan Dip

You can find this dip full of chunky spinach clumps and artichoke pieces at any Costco. It really ensures that you not only get fresh flavor, but good texture in every bite. Dip some pita chips in this for an ideal pre-dinner snack.

#1 Trader Joe's Spinach Dip, Refrigerated

Trader Joe's perfects the balance of creaminess, freshness, and deliciousness that we crave in a spinach dip. This dip tastes so fresh that you could put it in a pumpernickel bread bowl, and your guests would never know it isn't made from scratch.