Dating Etiquette: Who Should Pay When?

The reality is: Everyone is different on a date. Some women think men should automatically pay for the first date. Chivalry isn't dead, right? Others think whoever asked for the date should be the one responsible for the check. Some people think they should only pay for the items they ordered. In the confusing world of dating, how could anyone possibly know what the right etiquette is for a date?

It really all comes down to the environment of the evening. In the past, men automatically took responsibility for the check as they typically made more or worked more than women. Now, we live in a society where women are battling men in the workplace and are often financially independent. Now, the only indicator we have of who should pay the bill is the overall mood of the date.

Are you counting the minutes until the check comes? Are you so bored that you're brainstorming your grocery list for the next day? If this is the case, it may be in your best interest to either split the bill or pay for it altogether. If you're not looking forward to dining another night with your date then paying the bill isn't always a bad option. Otherwise, your date could use the excuse that you owe them one to go out with them again. Besides, you don't want it to seem like you were only on the date to get free steak and wine.

On the other hand, if the date is going smoothly, keep the check conversation light. No one wants a date spoiled by some miscommunication on the bill. Keep laughing and sipping your martini. When the check comes, if your companion doesn't immediately offer to pay, then you should. If it comes and both parties want to pay, abide by the "insist" rule: If one party insists that he or she must take the bill on this dinner date, let them. Fighting this isn't worthwhile and could compromise getting another date. On the next date, simply remind them that they paid for the first one, so it's your turn.

These easy dating etiquette tips are the keys to a no pressure situation if you just remember to relax and enjoy the evening. Don't let the bill conversation be the only thing your date remembers from the night.