Cool Kids' Birthday Party Ideas Slideshow

1. Dora the Explorer Fiesta Theme

Come on, vamanos! No one can resist 1) Dora, and 2) a bright and funky fiesta — especially if there's a piñata involved.

Throw a Dora the Explorer fiesta.

2. Dr. Seuss Theme

Go wacky and whimsical by transforming your home into Seussville for the day. And if you have twins, you could always dress 'em up as Thing 1 and Thing 2...

Throw a Seussville party.

3. Sock Monkey Theme

Celebrate how cute your kid is with equally adorable sock monkey décor. The best part? It'll cost you less than $100!

Throw a sock monkey-themed party.

4. Matryoshka Doll Theme

Russian nesting dolls are a pretty hot trend right now, so a party like this puts you "in the know." Plus, it's just cute.

Throw a matryoshka-themed party

5. Camping Theme

Much like real camp, a camping-themed party can be packed with all sorts of outdoor games and activities for the attendees. And, also like real camp, you're guaranteed a bunch of tired tots by the end of the day.

Throw a camping-themed party.

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