Christmas Gifts For The Baker (Slideshow)

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Salter Digital Scale

When it comes to baking, precision is key. "We've been baking by weight, not by cup/spoon measure lately, seeking recipes that measure in volume. Baking becomes way more precise this way, and cakes come out perfectly."

Price: $49 via Williams-Sonoma

Recommended by Cathleya Schroeckenstein, editor-in-chief, WeddingBee

Cake Boss Professional Cakeware

Perfectly sized and proportioned for multi-tier cakes, this awesome bakeware set will have you baking like a boss in no time!

Price: $34.99 via Cake Boss Baking

Recommended by Robin Zachary, contributing home editor, Bridal Guide Magazine

Chef Stand and Stylus

Anything you do in the kitchen is bound to be messy. But when baking, your hands are covered in flour, pieces of dough have inevitably splattered, and your kids are probably painting the floor with frosting. This stand and stylus will certainly help you keep your tablet clean as you move through your recipe.

Price: $34.99 via Belkin

Recommended by Christina Friedrichsen, Intimate Weddings

Cookie Stamps

Help your baker personalize their treats with these adorable message cookie stamps. With sayings like "I Love You," "Homemade," and "Eat Me," cookie pressing just got a little cuter!

Price: $29 via

Recommended by Vané Broussard, editor, Brooklyn Bride LLC

Fred and Friends Ninjabread Men

Hiiiiiiii-yah! Karate-chop your baker's cookies into shape with these hilarious cookie cutters that are perfect for any season!

Price: $11.49 via Amazon

Recommended by Marisa LaScala, articles editor, Westchester Magazine

Bakto Flavors Natural Collection

To help your baker play with flavor, gift them this unique collection. The Bakto flavor kit includes six bottles of natural flavoring to enhance everything from cookies and cakes with a custom flavor.

Price: $23.78 via Amazon

Recommended by Patricia Handschiegel, founder and CEO, Condiment Media Company

'Back in the Day Bakery' Cookbook

This book hales from a Georgia bakery and is essential for anyone who loves to bake from scratch. This fun- and sugar-loving couple can show you the basics for baking from the heart, old-school style!

Price: $24.95 via Back in the Day Bakery

Recommend by Jan Scott, food editor, Savvy Mom Media

Rosanna Den Bon Bon Pedestal

Bakers know that when it comes to sweets, looks mean everything. Gift them something stylish with this adorable pedestal that looks like it was pulled out of a dream-like bakery!

Price: $80 via Layla Grayce

Recommended by Debbie, founder, Wedding Thingz

Silicone Pastry Mat

For bakers who like to dabble in the dainty or the extremely sticky, a silicone pastry prep mat is a perfect go-to gift. Better than a nonstick pan, you can bake directly onto it  and roll it up for easy storage

Price: Varies via Tovolo

Recommended by Bessie Nestoras Knoblauch, senior editor, Gifts and Decorative Accessories

Calphalon Essentials Cookie Sheet

For those who just need an update to their essentials pantry, a good old fashioned nonstick cookie sheet can do wonders for a baker!

Price: $20.99 via Target

Recommended by Robert Hard, Business Travel Destinations

Southern Living Gold Pie Dish

For a pie dish worthy of your baker's amazing homemade confection, gift them this delicious-looking golden pie dish! With a regal air, this pie dish is a gorgeous addition to a baker's finer pieces!

Price: $29.99 via Ballard Designs

Recommended by Candice Coppola, Jubilee Events

French Bread Tray

For those who like to bake more savory than sweet, this French Bread Tray is perfect for any baker's tabletop. With genius cutting grooves and sleek style, this delicious tabletop piece is perfect for anyone who loves to bake.

Price: $23 via West Elm

Recommended by Kimberley Petyt, The Paris Wedding and Parisian Events