Chrissy Teigen Claims Chicken Breast Is The Worst Part Of The Bird, Sparks Twitter Debate

Chrissy Teigen has never been one to be shy about her food opinions. The cookbook author has previously been vocal about the "perfect" crispy bacon and her hated of "stupid" food trends. Now, her comments on chicken breast have incited an all-out Twitter brawl on what exactly is the tastiest part of the bird.

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"Chicken breast is extremely popular for being literally the worst part of a chicken," Teigen tweeted on March 17.

The tweet quickly amassed almost 73,000 likes and over 8,000 retweets as well as over 2,000 replies.

"I dunno I just like moisture and stuff," Chrissy retorted in defense of her opinion once the barrage of responses broke forth. "The best breast is equal to the worst thigh," she wrote, and the majority of Twitter seemed to be in support of the model's poultry opinion.

"So with the dark meat crew. So so so so so much tastier," wrote @OriginalGriffon

"Absolutely. Hands down (or legs up)," joked @gypsysoul214.

"And flavor! The breast has the least amount of flavor and moisture of the whole bird. It needs so much help. And don't get me started on boneless skinless breasts. 'let's remove the two things that salvage the breast from being inedible, and sell it for the most money!'" wrote @Ntombi.

There was some pushback from chicken breast truthers. One follower claimed that trying Hainanese chicken breast would turn Chrissy in to a believer.

"Have you tried Hainanese chicken when you were in Indonesia/Singapore? Will convert you 100%," wrote Julia Macfarlane.

"Ya just gotta brine!" advised Becca Fraiser. (FYI, there are literally more than 101 ways to cook chicken.)

Teigen seemed to relent, telling the internet that she was going to concoct a teriyaki bowl recipe with chicken breast for everyone.

However, she took it back a day later saying: "sorry guys I gotta use thighs I cannot give you food at 50%"

Luckily, no matter what you prefer, we know the secret to cooking the perfect, juicy chicken breasts every time.