Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen Names the Best Pancake in America

They’re surprisingly affordable and look incredible

If there’s one celebrity whose food opinions we trust wholeheartedly, it’s got to be Chrissy Teigen. She has a best-selling cookbook, another on the way, and she eats and drinks her way around the world with her handsome husband, John Legend, and their adorable daughter, Luna, in tow. So when Chrissy Teigen declares that she’s eating the best pancakes in America, we’re going to believe her.

On Wednesday, November 8, the Cravings author documented her pancake journey on Snapchat. With a bottle of Aunt Jemima’s syrup in tow, she stopped by Clinton Street Baking Company in New York City, where she made the decree: They serve up the hottest, most delicious stack in the country.

Screenshot: Chrissy Teigen Snapchat

We peeped at the menu of this Lower East Side hotspot, and it seems as though Clinton Street’s pancakes are served with warm maple butter and the customer’s choice of wild Maine blueberries, bananas and walnuts, or chocolate chunks. It appears that Teigen opted for the blueberry stack.

So the next time you’re in New York, know that you can eat just like Chrissy Teigen. The pancakes at Clinton Street Baking Company cost only $15! And if you can’t make it out there to try Teigen’s personal favorite, perhaps you should consider one of The Daily Meal’s 10 best pancakes in America.