Chrissy Teigen Might Name Her Baby After A Food

In 2004, Gwenyth Paltrow and then-husband Chris Martin made headlines when they named their daughter Apple. In years to follow, several other food-obsessed celebrities followed suit, including Ethan Hawke (with daughter Clementine) and Drew Barrymore, who named her daughter Olive.

Lip Sync Battle co-host Chrissy Teigen may become one of the next big names to join the ranks. The 32-year-old internet sensation announced her second pregnancy with "All of Me" hubby John Legend last November and revealed the baby's sex as male in late January. If a food-related name were in the stars, it wouldn't come to much of a surprise. Teigen is close to releasing her second cookbook, Cravings 2, and her own mother, Vilailuck Teigen, also goes by Pepper.

"I think of food names for our kids all the time," Teigen told The Daily Meal. "I think they're just the sweetest names, and of course my mom is Pepper, so I have to live up to that."

But these cool moms aren't the only food enthusiasts in the family. The Teigen-Legend clan's firstborn child, 1-year-old Luna Stephens, has a highly distinguished palate for someone of such a young age.

"She loves pickled things. She loves capers or pickled okra," Teigen said, adding that the tiny tot enjoys dumplings and anything stuffed. "She loves to pull it apart, see what's inside and call out what's in it. 'Carrots!' or 'lettuce!' And it's adorable."

Another thing Luna loves is salad.

"She has an odd palate, but it makes it really fun for us, because if we want to go to a restaurant with her, we can always find something for her to eat," Teigen added. "You know, some kids will only eat mac and cheese or chicken tenders. She's all over the place. It's really great."

While the epicurean opportunities are endless for Luna, they've become slightly limited for Luna's mom until baby number two arrives. The Utah native says she misses deli sandwiches the most.

"I try not to be too hard on myself, because then you start to go really, really insane," she said. "I'm not doing the raw tuna thing, but if you can find great tempura shrimp or something in sushi rolls to try and get that flavor you want, it's awesome. But I do miss good old-fashioned deli sandwiches."

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