Chef Says: Beer Or Wine With Oysters?

It's National Oyster Day, and just in case you're heading to have a few for dinner, we gathered recommendations from chefs around the country who hope to turn you into an a-fish-ionado.

Chef Ben Pollinger, Oceana (New York City): Black Duck Porter from Greenport Harbor Brewing Company pairs nicely with a Great South Bay oyster on the half shell. The oyster has a medium salinity with a mild metallic and clean ocean finish, which blends well with the richness of the porter. It leaves behind a pleasant seaweed finish.

Chef Dylan Fultineer, Rappahannock (Richmond, Virginia): Flying Dog Brewery's Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout with a Rappahannock River oyster. The parallel flavors of toasty grain and sweet, salty oysters is one that people have enjoyed for ages. It's such a stellar combo that a select number of breweries are now adding Rappahannock oysters and clams right into the beer.

Chef Justin Shoults, BRINE (Newburyport, Massachusetts): Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes Bordeaux with an East Dennis oyster from Cape Cod topped with a Thai chile and ginger cocktail sauce. The heat of the chile counterbalances the sweet wine and enhances the natural sweetness of the oyster.

Chef Jason Dady, Shuck Shack (San Antonio, Texas): 2012 Weingut Laurenz V. Friendly Gruner Veltliner Kamptal with a Kumamoto oyster topped with a cucumber granita and mint oil. The crisp acidity of the wine is the perfect complement to the absolute creaminess and brininess of the oyster, while the cucumber mint elevates the pairing to a whole new level.