Chance the Rapper Stars in Upcoming Pizza-Murder Mystery 'Slice'

Chance the Actor

Chance the Rapper will make his film debut in a murder mystery movie about the death of a pizza delivery driver.

Chance Bennett, known by his stage name Chance the Rapper, secretly filmed a movie in 2016 called Slice, which is set for release this year. The film will not only feature Chicago heavyweights Bennett and DePaul University alum-slash-Stranger Things breakout star Joe Keery, but comedy writer and actor Paul Scheer and actress Zazie Beetz.

The plot of the film, produced by A24 and written and directed by known Chance collaborator Austin Vesely, apparently alternates between fantasy and reality while following a who-done-it murder mystery regarding the death of a pizza delivery man. The storyline on Slice’s IMDB page revealed only this: “When a pizza delivery driver is murdered on the job, the city searches for someone to blame: ghosts? drug dealers? a disgraced werewolf?”

The spooky trailer (which reveals little else) displays graphics of an animated man on a moped — in apparent homage to a clip of the game Line Rider that was posted to Reddit in October — dodging knives, pizza slices, and ghosts to the synthesized tune of Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

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Aside from that, all we really know is that the movie was filmed in Chicago, home of Chance and Rapper and many of the 15 best deep-dish pizzas in America.