Chance the Rapper Celebrated His 24th Birthday With an Epic Cake

The themed-cake was dedicated to the rapper's favorite fast-food chain

The rapper has teamed up with the bakery in the past to sell Chance-themed cookies to raise money for his charity.

This weekend, three-time Grammy winner Chance the Rapper turned 24 years old and, to celebrate, threw a huge party at Chicago’s Studio Paris Nightclub. The party included performances by Ludacris and T-Pain — all topped off with a custom-made Harold’s Chicken-themed birthday cake.

The elaborate double-decker cake featured depictions of a bucket of the fast-food chain’s chicken, ketchup-drizzled fries, and a bottle of strawberry-kiwi Mistic on the side. The cake was created by Adam Moro from Chicago-based Alliance Bakery.

“Happy Birthday Chance the Rapper,” Moro wrote in the caption of an Instagram post. “One of Chance's favorite meals is a 7-piece chicken wing plate with fries, hot sauce, and a Strawberry-Kiwi Mystic from Harold’s Chicken Shack here in Chicago, so I wanted to create a cake with cascading chicken wings that he would not soon forget!”

In addition to having an epic birthday cake, the rapper used his birthday celebration to raise over $100,000 for charity, Pitchfork reported. The money went to Chance’s nonprofit, Social Works, which aims to “empower the youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement.”


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