Bring These 4 Summer Color Combos Into Your Home With Flowers

Summer is in full swing, and it's nature's most colorful time. One easy way to bring vibrant summer colors from the outdoors indoors is with flowers.

However, with the wide variety of colorful flowers available, it can be hard to know where to start. Here's a guide to introducing four popular summer color palettes into your home using cut flowers.


Orange and yellow are the quintessential summer color combination. These bright hues are cheerful and vibrant and will add an element of joy to any room. Luckily, a wide variety of flowers are available in these tones. You can never go wrong with sunflowers, but try branching out to something new this summer. Craspedia (also known as billy buttons or billy balls) can be a fun accent to a stately flower like a yellow calla lily or to a more exuberant bloom like a chrysanthemum. If you want to lean into the orange, try a vibrant orange dahlia.


Any color looks great paired with white, but nothing quite compares to lavender. Both colors will quickly grab your attention, especially against bright green foliage. One interesting strategy to explore this summer is planting two different colors of the same type of flower, and fortunately, there are several beautiful summer flowers that bloom in both white and lavender. Whether in the ground, a planter, or a vase, try mixing purple and white hydrangeas or hyacinths to add a bit of summer to your home or yard!

Light Pink/Dark Pink

No other color screams summer the way pink does. There are many different floral variations of the color that can be used all over your home during these summer months. The combination of deep pink ranunculus and pale pink roses creates an unbeatable flower presentation, full of color and vibrancy that will bring the true vibe of the season into your house. Make sure to choose two shades of pink that are different enough to create contrast, but not so different that one looks red and one looks peach. Stick to a true fuchsia pink and a pale pink for best results.


Everyone knows that the best part about summer is the sun. Bring your very own endless sunshine home this season with yellow mustard flowers. Recreate a wildflower look at your house by mixing mustard flower and white aster. Mustard flower and aster both feature small blooms on dainty stems. The yellow centers of the asters will look perfect with the bright yellow of the mustard flower petals. Make sure to position some of the mustard flower stems near the rim of the vase so the bright green stems can shine!

Matt Wolf is the owner of Floral Concepts in Houston and florist on BloomNation.