Bella Hadid

The Internet Is Making the Best Food-Related Memes From Bella Hadid’s Complex Interview

When homeboy comes through with these… it’s quiet
Bella Hadid

A meme featuring snippets of Bella Hadid’s interview with Complex has gone viral and been turned into many quality tweets about food.

Supermodel Bella Hadid went cruising for fresh kicks with Complex’s Joe La Puma for his web series Sneaker Shopping, and it was an internet sensation. Hadid tried to come off as relatable and threw a couple choice phrases into her video when describing certain pairs of shoes. Unfortunately for the 21-year-old, the internet found it hilarious.

“If homeboy is coming through with these,” she said, pointing out a shoe that she did not find aesthetically pleasing, “it’s quiet.”

“But if he comes through in, like, these,” she said, spinning around to point to a Nike Air Max model, “homeboy’s gonna, like… get it.” She also tossed out the words “dope” and “fresh” a few times for good measure.

The internet took her awkward way of speaking about shoes and went absolutely wild. The meme took over the internet within 24 hours of the video’s release. The most amusing posts however, happen to be about food.

“If homeboy comes through with these…” people began their tweets and Instagram posts before comparing undesirable foods to more delicious-looking options.

People also used the meme to make it seem like Bella was responding to everyday things with words like “fresh” and “dope.”

The meme series offers profound cultural insight into which versions of mundane foods are quiet and which are fresh; mostly it serves as a dope excuse to tweet pictures of food.


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