Behind The Red Rose: What Your Valentine's Day Flowers Really Mean

Let me put this out there: flowers are the best and most wonderful gift anyone can give. We're not saying this because we sell them, but we see it everyday in the eyes of those who receive them. Flowers have a timeless beauty that nothing can replace.

But in addition to the beauty (and emotion) that flowers, and more specifically roses, bring, there are also hidden meanings in them that can help you decide what color pattern or how many flowers to send to your loved ones.

First things first, though. What particular emotion do you want to send to the recipient? You need to make sure you're using the correct expression to create that emotion.

The Meaning of the Rose's Color:

Red: The red rose means "I love you". Additionally, it stands for beauty, courage, and respect.

White: The white rose indicates true love, purity, innocence, reverence, humility, youthfulness, and charm.

Yellow: The yellow rose gives off the meaning of joy, gladness, friendship, and remembrance.

Yellow and Red: When you surround a yellow rose with red ones, you're hinting that "I am falling in love with you".

As you can see, there are many senses associated with a particular color. It's important that your recipient knows what you're trying to express.

Now tell me if anything else can convey your heart so beautifully?

The Meaning of the Number of Roses:

The second most important aspect that plays a role in the decision making process in presenting your love (hopeful loves included) with roses on Valentine's Day is definitely the number of flowers given.

1: One single stem conveys the idea, "This is a simple fact—I am in love".

13: Thirteen roses convey the idea, "You are my secret lover".

36: Thirty-six roses symbolize that "My heart belongs to you".

999: Nine hundred ninety-nine flowers is proportionate to the magnitude of the number, standing for "Endless Love".

Whether it's someone you secretly have feelings for, the love of your life, or someone who's just a friend, you need to make clear, concise choices so the emotion doesn't get lost.

At House of Arnold Florist, we, as a local Baltimore flower shop, have been in this beautiful building we call home for more than 45 years. It will be our privilege to convey your message this Valentine's Day to that most important person who makes you tick. Order with confidence and we will make sure your message is conveyed in the most dashing fashion possible. Happy Valentine's Day to all.

By Suzane Mathew, florist part of the flower delivery site, BloomNation, and Owner of House of Arnold in Baltimore, MD.