Barbecue Party Ideas For The Whole Family

Barbecues are a guaranteed good time. Tasty grilled foods, endless appetizers, and fun in the sun can put a smile on anyone's face! To make sure a great time is had by all, set up some fun barbecue party ideas that will make the entire family happy to be lounging outdoors!

For the kids: being outside and basking in the sunshine is usually enough to keep them occupied, but if you want them to have a blast, have some activities planned! Kids will have a field day decorating paper plates to use as masks. Make sure you cut out holes for the eyes beforehand so the kids won't run over to you while you're barbecuing.

For the teens: No amount of activities you have planned will make your teen be over-the-moon excited to be at a family barbecue. Make the planned family fun tolerable for them by allowing them to make up a playlist. Set boundaries for tunes, and at the very least your teen won't have an excuse for keeping their headphones in the entire day!

For the adults: Put a board game or a deck of cards in front of adults and you'll have entertainment for hours. Select games the family can play together during the day — then, toward the evening, let grown-ups play more adult-friendly board games so they don't get bored themselves!