Bananas and Spring Roll Wrappers Make the Most Incredible Dessert

With only three ingredients, you can make the most fabulous dessert
Banana Spring Roll


You won’t believe how amazing deep-fried, caramelized bananas taste.

Turon or banana spring rolls are an incredibly popular Filipino dessert. It combines bananas rolled in sugar and then deep fried for the ultimate sweet treat. Imagine biting into a crispy fried spring roll only to find it filled with caramelized bananas. Top it off with some vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and you’ve got yourself one of the greatest desserts on the planet.

For this recipe, simply roll banana slices in brown sugar then place them on a spring roll wrap. Roll the wraps, fold, and seal them with a bit of water. Heat up a pan halfway full of vegetable oil and fry the spring roll until it is golden brown on one side and then flip it over. When the entire spring roll is golden brown, remove and sprinkle with brown sugar! You’ve just created a fabulous dessert with three ingredients!

Click here for the full Banana Spring Roll recipe.

Bananas are one of the top exports from the Philippines, making these an ideal fruit to use in many dishes. According to a United Nations Poll, The Philippines are second largest exporters of bananas in the world. With a surplus of bananas, the Filipino people have gotten creative and use banana Ketchup and banana sauce bases since tomatoes are more difficult to come by. While we admire their creativity, we’re not sure we’re ready to cover our French fries in banana sauce. Having said that, take a note from The Philippines and get your banana on with these incredible spring roll desserts. 

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