‘Back to the Future’ Food Concepts That Should Exist!

It's 2015, and we're still not close to dehydrated pizza.
'Back to the Future'

Photograph: Moviestore/REX Shutterstock/The Guardian

Learn about futuristic food ideas from Marty's trip to 2015 in Back to the Future II.

October 21, 2015, is the day Marty McFly is sent back to the future in the Back to the Future Part II, where Marty must go to 2015 to save his children. Back to the Future is a classic trilogy where Marty McFly and his crazy scientist friend, Doc Brown, are always stirring up trouble as they travel to and from the future. Now that we’ve finally reached the future date, it’s sad to see that some of the futuristic food technologies are still out of reach. Here are the food concepts we wish had been invented by now

Banana Fuel

Can you imagine how cheap gas would be if we only used banana peels to fuel our tanks? In Back to the Future, Doc uses banana peels to fuel the Mr. Fusion and the Delorean. Now that’s fuel efficient!

Dehydrated Pizzas

Wouldn’t it be nice if Pizza Hut took the hint, and started working on the technology to bring us dehydrated pizzas? These pizzas, featured in Back to the Future Part II, are tiny and portable, but turn into regular sized pizzas when put into a futuristic contraption.

Exercise Restaurants

Ok, sort of glad we don’t have this one. Who wants to feel bad chowing down their burger next to someone who’s spinning? The futuristic café is designed where you can eat your food while also exercising to burn it off simultaneously.

Pepsi Perfect

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a vitamin-enriched version of Pepsi like they did in 2015 in Back to the Future Part II. Marty had this beverage at a Café 80s, where the drink was sold in bottles that had a lid and a built-in straw. However, in the spirit of Back to the Future day, Pepsi is releasing a limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottle for $20.15.

Screen Cashiers


Some restaurants now utilize technology to give customers a touch screen when ordering to improve efficiency. However, we aren’t on the level of having an artificially intelligent figure as our cashier. Fingers crossed for 2045.