Are You Rude For Passing The Salt?

Even if you think that you are behaving well, there are subtle things you may be doing at the table that can be quite off-putting. For instance, did you know that placing your napkin in your lap as soon as you sit down is a no-no?

There are tons of little idiosyncrasies that you may miss while dining at the table, and one of them is a blunder you won't even believe is a poor gesture.

"A small but noticeable table manner faux pas would be when at a large gathering someone asks for the salt or pepper shakers to be passed," says Geri Sheffey, owner of Piedmont Cotillions. "Correct table etiquette states they should always be passed around the table as a pair. Most folks will only pass the shaker that is being requested."

While it may seem like a slight infraction, when you are at a formal table, it could be a telling faux pas. When your kids make this mistake at the table, there is a nifty trick to help them remember.

"The easiest way I find to correct this behavior is to remind them of a children's TV show from just a few years back called Blue's Clues," says Sheffey. "The salt and pepper shakers had names: Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper! It is amazing how many people remember this. So I just remind them of the show and say the following: Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper always travel around the table together! Works every time!"