Adorable Designer Deviled Egg Plates For Entertaining

Deviled eggs are essential to almost every party, especially when it comes to picnic-like celebrations and outdoor barbecues. While they are delicious, deviled eggs are a tricky dish to serve. First you have to perfect the actual boiling of the egg. Then you need to masterfully scoop and mix the egg yolk into the ideal blend of spices and fillings. The trickiest part of all may actually be serving them. With the glossy egg whites sliding around all of the plate, it makes dishing them out to a crowd a little challenging.

That is why many home entertainers use egg plates to display their deviled works of art. There's an egg plate out there for every entertaining style, and we found some of the trendiest, most versatile ones out there. Be sure to add one of these useful dishes to your birthday wish list or wedding registry:

Polish Pottery

Classic Polish Pottery designs are hard to come by, but this adorable deviled egg plate is worth the search.

Green Glass

Do you pride yourself on entertaining like mom? Then check out this vintage glass green plate.

Little Devils

If you are hosting a party for the little ones, this egg plate is perfect. Just look at those adorable little devil designs.


If you like to entertain with a subtly edgy style, your deviled eggs can even have their own decorative flare.

Egg Stand

Take your egg entertaining to the next level with this adorable egg stand.