9 Simple Steps To Make You A Better Host Or Hostess

9 Simple Steps To Make You a Better Host or Hostess

Pull out your punch bowls, freshen up your living space, create a playlist, and celebrate your friends. Even if you are not an amateur host, learning a bit more never hurt. These nine simple steps will help you become the host with the most or the hostess with the mostess.

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Be Consistent

If you've hosted plenty of dinners before, then you guests will expect the same each time. If you have always greeted your guest with a cocktail at the door, remember to do the same for every occasion.

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The first thing you should do is create a budget. You want to know exactly what to purchase for your party. Determine the number of guests attending, food costs, liquor cost, and décor. Theses are important factors to getting you a jump-start on hosting.

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Clean Your Home

Add a little polish to your floors, mop your bathroom; you want your place to be spotless. Remember, ones home is a reflection of who they are.

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Cocktails for a Crowd

If you're inviting four or more guest, then you should make punch bowl cocktails, it helps cut back on budget and time.

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Create a Playlist

The music typically sets the tone of your fête. If you want your guest to have fun and loosen up, then make sure to create a high tempo playlist. You can always change to more calming tunes for dinner.

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If you're hosting a soiree, then your home should be already furnished, just update it with a few bright throw pillows, candles and a few accessories.

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Know Your Kitchen

You're planning a party, so pull out all of your serve wear needed to throw the best dinner party possible. This will help with clutter and help prevent spills.

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The Dish Matters

The last thing you want to do is prepare a complicated dish you've never cooked before. It may turn out bad and guest may suggest take-out for next party.

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Touch of Nature

Add a touch of nature to your décor. Flowers add a pop of color to complement your tabletop.


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