Lauren Conrad's Kitchen

8 Most Stunning Celebrity Kitchens

The beautiful spaces where your favorite celebrities spend their evenings eating, cooking, and entertaining

Prepare to be seething with jealousy in just a few moments: Your favorite stars have the most stunning kitchens ever. The world’s rich and famous really do seem to have the best taste and have effectively infused their style into their beautiful homes. For us food-obsessed people, these gorgeous kitchens are the epicenter of these glamorous lofts and mansions. Whatever your tastes are, we are absolutely certain that you will be inspired and in awe of every single one of these state-of-the-art celebrity kitchens.

8 Most Stunning Celebrity Kitchens (Slideshow)

Obviously, every one of these kitchens is decked out with all the fancy appliances you can only dream of owning one day (most of the ovens would not look out of place in a top New York restaurant kitchen), but it’s not just the equipment that has us teeming with envy. Everything from the natural light flooding the room, the marble counter tops, and the custom-designed and made pieces of furniture all come together to create kitchens more perfect than anything we’ve seen on Pinterest. In fact, they really look as if they have been taken directly out of a glamorous movie set. 

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From Chrissy Teigen’s dark, moody New York kitchen, to Lauren Conrad’s all-white, uber-feminine cooking space, to Naomi Watts’ fun, family kitchen with pretty pops of color, every one of these kitchens has us desperate to give our own cooking space a makeover. These eight kitchens have all been owned, used, and designed by a range of celebrities, all with different needs and tastes, but all of them have led to the most striking results. Read on to discover where your favorite stars really eat, cook, and entertain, and prepare to be incredibly envious of every single detail of these dreamy kitchens.

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