8 Lovely Nautical Labor Day Party Tips (Slideshow)

Quick ideas for an intimate, nautical-themed Labor Day party


While barbecues are a Labor Day staple, nothing says out-to-sea quite like a seafood spread. Dish out some grilled fish with a side of watermelon salsa Try putting seafood into your appetizers with these fun crab sliders , which are perfect for party popping. Combine coconut and shrimp and you’ll get the perfect end-of-summer snack.


Photo Modified: Flickr / _FXR CC BY 4.0

Nautical naughty cocktails for the adults fit to be on the finest yacht are what you should aim for. You can always rely on patriotic cocktails to do the trick (it is Labor Day, after all), but for something classier you can always rely on champagne cocktails to keep the party bubbly. For the little ones, try looking to filling, healthy, and nutritious options like a blueberry smoothie.



While you won’t find any flowers out at sea, you can use these fresh delights' natural color to make your scene pop. Look out for bright yellow sunflowers, fresh white baby's breath and beautiful blue hydrangeas to fill up your vase. If you can’t get enough flower power, try serving guests delicious, refreshing floral tea  that is perfect for the summer palette. If you need some help arranging your table, check out these great summer arranging tips.

Setting the Scene:


If you’re docking indoors for this bash, be sure you fill your home with lovely boating accents. Thrifted wooden ship steers, ships in bottles, and hanging lanterns are great accents to spread around the room. To add even more sea faring accents, transform your watermelon fruit displays into cute sail boat. If you want to think a little simpler, try draping ropes and craft store nets around chairs and tables to create that rustic, sea-faring feeling. 


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Dressing up your nautical table is a sea-breeze! If you can’t find a printed anchor tablecloth or just don’t have the gumption to haul a real-life anchor to the table, try making it simple. Navy and white linens will tactfully convey your theme. Try tying ropes into sailor’s knots around napkins as a creative napkin ring. No free  ropes hanging around? Don’t fret, just placing homemade pretzels  (which totally look like knots) in a ornate basket is accent enough for your table. Stick with blues, whites, and yellows to really create that at-the-sea feeling.

Mood Music:

Photo Modified: Flickr / Andrew Braithwaite CC BY 4.0

When you think of a classy boat party, you immediately turn to the relaxing crooners. Try popping in tunes from Cole Porter. Or if you want to pull out the big gun, get a medley from the man himself, Frank Sinatra,  to filter through the party’s airwaves. Just don’t forget to include "Beyond the Sea" on your playlist!



Little ones running amuck in the yard? Don’t make them swab the deck! Keep those little fingers busy. Have them make their own paper boat hats or knotted friendship bracelets. If you have a rambunctious bunch, turn the backyard into a pirate battlefield. Arm the kiddies with water balloons and let the battle begin.



Sending guests home with something is always a great gesture, but when you send them home with something that is cute and they will love it's even better! These Lifesaver boats are a great way to have your attendees leave feeling refreshed. Classic candy bags full of gummy fishes and worms are a cute play on your theme that are so easy to pull together.