8 Holiday Decorations That Are Totally Acceptable to Leave Up All Winter

Embrace winter (and your lazy side) by keeping these decorations up through March


Putting away your holiday decorations is always a little depressing, so just... don't.

There are few things in life that are more depressing than taking down your holiday decorations. After a month (or more), taking down your Christmas tree, nativity scene, stockings, and festive, snowy décor officially signals the end of holiday joy and the beginning of a long, cold winter.

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But what if you didn’t have to put away all of your Christmas decorations?

Christmas falls just four days after the winter solstice, meaning that the holiday is tied up in imagery of the winter season. Similarly, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa fall in the earliest days of the cold season. Thus, evergreen trees, snowfall, winter forest animals, and cozy flannel pillows are set out solely for the month of December when they really could be fitting décor additions to your home all winter long.


Plus, nobody likes putting away holiday decorations. Hauling out all of those boxes and bags is exciting when you’re decking the halls, but breaking all of those things out just to clean up is no fun. Feel free to embrace your lazy side by keeping these wintry decorations up long after Santa Claus has come to town.