8 Different Ways to Fill a Waffle Cone for Your Party



Perhaps the ultimate entertainment food, your guests will be happy to grab a cone filled with delectable and light popcorn. Another plus: popcorn is endlessly versatile with countless flavor options. Cinnamon sugar? Pepperoni pizza? Truffle butter? How will you flavor yours?


In a perfect example of "less is more," keep it simple by just filling your waffle cones with refreshing, delicious fruit. Most everyone enjoys plump fruit like berries or melon, and the assembly couldn’t be easier.

Trail Mix

Save your guests the chore (especially a chore for the germ-a-phobes out there) of digging into a giant bowl of trail mix, and individually portion mix into cones. Check out out 5 Trail Mix Recipes.

Cotton Candy

Excite your guests with the nostalgia of these cones. Just stuff cones with cotton candy, either store-bought or homemade (if you’re truly daring), and watch their eyes light up with juvenile delight.

Taco Cones

Who said a waffle cone had to be filled with something sweet? Try out a savory twist and fill with zesty taco flavors to spice to liven up the party!

Campfire Cones

No one can resist s’mores, but skip the mess and chore and just fill your cones with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows instead.If it's hot outside, the heat will slightly melt the bits, although they would be plenty delicious at room temperature as well.

Cupcake Cone

As an alternative to messy melting ice cream, consider the cupcake cone, which is just simply a cupcake baked into a waffle cone with frosting on top. All of the sweetness, none of the mess. Fill with our Holy Cannoli Cupcake Recipe.

Topping Bar

Can't decide what to fill in your cones? Allow your guests to customize their cone treats by creating a topping bar! Fill with fruit, marshmallows, nuts, sauces, etc and allow them to assemble themselves. Everyone loves a perfectly personalized treat.

Make your cone at home!

For a quick and to-the-point eight-step tutorial on how to make waffle cones at home (an extra rustic touch to your party), follow this WikiHow Waffle Cone Tutorial and get partying!