7 Tips For Throwing An Unforgettable Baby Shower (Slideshow)

Say goodbye to the tired light pink and blue parties that you're used to: what will truly make your baby shower special is the small stuff. From unique personalized invitations to well thought-out party themes, we've compiled a list of tips for making the baby shower you throw one for the ages.

Start With Personalized Formal (but Fun!) Invitations

Throwing a memorable shower starts long before the party actually begins. Wow your friends at the mailbox by sending out formal invitations. Don't be afraid to make these cutesy! We love these folded diaper invites with a surprise in them that is much more pleasant than what you'll find in a real diaper.

Pick a Theme and Run With It

Make your baby shower stand out by picking a unique theme and incorporating that theme into every aspect of the day. Whether you want to imagine the infant as a future president, embrace a favorite Disney classic, or go regal with a prince/princess motif, make sure to differentiate your gathering from the average celebration filled with pink, blue, and baby animals.

Fill the Room With Flowers and Décor

The details are what makes a party go from good to unforgettable, so don't slack on the details for your baby shower. Flowers are an ancient symbol of fertility and make any room feel feminine, so use floral arrangements as easy yet beautiful centerpieces. And don't forget to decorate the room with festive tableware, banners, balloons, and various other theme-oriented decorations to really impress guests.

Make the Cake Unique

The culinary centerpiece of the baby shower is the cake, so be sure to make the one at your gathering more than just a dessert. Cakes celebrating a new baby are among the most adorable out there, and whether you make it yourself or go to a bakery, make sure that yours is special, detailed, and (most importantly) cute.

Play Engaging, Wacky Games

Baby-themed games are what engage guests and help turn a baby shower from a gathering to a full-blown party. Make sure your games are fun and different. Try a take on basketball, but with diapers —practice for throwing used nappies into the garbage, a skill any new mom should have. You can also go with the classic baby shower game of melting down various chocolate bars or candies and having guests guess the "poo."

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Emotional

Add some sentimentality to the day by having experienced mothers write the new mom some advice beforehand (send out a note with the invitations) and bind their words of wisdom into a book. You can also show the baby how much he or she is loved by creating a time capsule for the child to open when he or she turns 18.

Send Guests Off With Personalized Favors

The final detail of a baby shower is what guests will take away as a memento, so make sure your favors are personalized, fitting to your theme, and something people will actually want and use. Perhaps send your friends off with tea because a "baby is brewing" or get some custom packaging for round lip balm to play off a baby bump.