7 Tips For Hosting The Best Barbecue Ever

Can you smell it? Barbecue season has arrived and grills everywhere have been dusted off and are ready to help create some of the tastiest foods of the year! Everyone loves grilled foods — add in good friends and family and you end up with some memorable moments.

Throwing a barbecue is easy if you plan your menu ahead of time. It doesn't need to be fancy. When it comes to hosting a barbecue, the things people remember most are the food and the fun!

One mistake hosts often make is over-complicating their menu, which leaves little time for mingling with their guests. Fear not, we've got you covered with the seven steps to a stress-free party.

Tip 1: Keep it simple 
Think of the star of your menu and build around that. Purchase quality meats and proteins like those offered by Karv. If you know you make a side dish everyone loves, make a big batch of that instead of putting additional sides out that you haven't mastered.

The star of every great barbecue is the meat. The intoxicating scent of steak, chicken, or pork drifting from the grill holds the promise of good things to come. You want the best meats and proteins for your barbecue, and a meat delivery service like Karv can be a great resource when it comes to your grilling needs. Karv offers meats that are a cut above what you typically find at your local grocer at a fantastic price, and your selection will arrive right at your front door quickly. Even better, your meats arrive trimmed, portioned, and ready to cook! There is no minimum subscription length so give it  a try order now and get $50 OFF! Use Promo Code: FIFTYOFFKARV to get $25 off your first two deliveries.

Karv is a culinary subscription service that delivers the finest-quality U.S. meats and oven-ready entrées straight to your door, every month! Unlike many other culinary subscription services, you can customize your order however you choose.

Karv offers grass-fed and -finished beef, heritage pork, organic free-range chicken, uncured hot dogs, and more. Their meats are antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and dye-free. You can even load up on staples like seasoned steak, sausage, and French pork chops. There are even add-ons like Party Packs and Backyard Barbecue Grill Packs to help you build a menu to satisfy every guest.

Tip 2: Plan ahead 
Make a list of what you need to do, and when. Send out invites. Set your timeline and plan your menu. Say YES when family and friends offer to bring a side, desert, or cocktail. That takes the pressure off of you (and your wallet) and saves you time. Plus every aspiring chef loves to see others enjoying the dish they brought to a barbecue.

Tip 3: Prep your grill and your food
Clean your grill inside and out. Soak your grates in warm water if necessary to help dislodge food, then use a grill brush (never a sponge — you don't want those bits in your food later) and scrub them clean. Oil your grill grates well. Make sure you have a full tank of propane as well as a backup tank ready. If using charcoal, always have more on hand than you think you will need. Season or marinate your meats in advance so you are ready to pop them on the grill when your guests arrive. Position your grill where you can get to it easily and it is out of the main traffic area.

Tip 4: Set the scene
Do you have enough seating? Is there a shaded area to utilize as a primary or secondary seating area? Scatter tables about so everyone isn't clustered in one area. Set up a self-serve bar or drinks area with plenty of ice. Always have extra ice at the ready, even if that means stashing some at the neighbor's house. Plan out where the food station will be (out of direct sunlight is best). Scatter a couple of trash cans about.

Tip 5: Have entertainment
Start with music and games (horseshoes, corn hole, stuff for the kiddos to do). If you know there will be a lot of young children, maybe hire a neighborhood teen or two to work as party starters on crafts/games with the kids, allowing adults to have some relaxation time.

Tip 6: Safety
If a pool is involved, always designate someone to watch the water or hire a teen lifeguard. Make sure each adult "tags" another before they are off duty. Post a sign with "pool rules" — such as no glass by the pool, no running, no children under x age in pool without adults, etc. Set up a sunscreen and bug bite station.

Tip 7: Have fun
Now you are ready to host the BEST barbecue and build a better meal with Karv!

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