Gender-Reveal Cake


7 Ridiculously Extravagant Gender-Reveal Cakes

Gender-reveal cakes are competing with wedding cakes to be the most over-the-top confections ever made
Gender-Reveal Cake


Gender-reveal cakes have gone far beyond the simple, single layer cake with hidden pink and blue decorations.

Gender-reveal parties are a fairly new phenomenon, which have already got out of hand. While we understand that finding out the sex of your child at the 20-week ultrasound scan is a huge moment for parents-to-be, we’re not sure the celebrations that now accompany this discovery — or, rather, its announcement — are quite so necessary. This important life moment is no longer a private, intimate affair: Typically, it is now shared with family and friends, and marked with a party, presents, and a huge cake.

When a couple decides to reveal its offspring's sex in this manner, it is usually a surprise to them as well as to their guests. In such cases, the ultrasound technician doesn't share the news of the baby’s particulars with its parents. Instead, he or she typically writes it down on a piece of paper, seals the paper in an envelope, and has the envelope delivered directly to a bakery. The bakery then creates a decadent cake, with a colored filling (either pink or blue) hidden inside, so that when the parents cut into the cake, the sex of their baby is revealed.

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These constructions may have started out as simple sponge cakes with a color-coded buttercream frostinginside, but they have now been transformed into out-of-control, over-the-top creations, which are expensive, extravagant, and as striking as today’s jaw-dropping wedding cakes. We’re not sure that this important, personal event should need to be celebrated with quite so many tiers or so much frosting.


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This mom-to-be requested a cake which looked like her pregnant tummy, with colored polka dots on the cake’s inside revealing the sex of her baby. And no, that bump in the corner isn’t a mistake; she made a special demand that the cake show the baby kicking.

A surprise-inside cake, filled with blue or pink candy, seems to be an overly dramatic way to discover whether you’re having a boy or a girl. It also means that the adults this cake is made for are left with far too much candy to eat.

We thought that three-tiered cakes, covered in white frosting, and tied up with ribbons were made for weddings. Apparently these striking creations are now also a required feature at a gender-reveal party.


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The gender stereotyping of "touchdowns or tutus" iced on to this insanely over-the-top cake makes this wedding-style gender-reveal cake an even more unnecessary addition to this not-yet-born baby’s party.


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It appears that this future baby is destined to be a Star Wars fan. We just wish that this cake had been saved for the kid’s extravagant tenth birthday party, so the youngster could make his or her own decision as to what character appealed most, rather than having the choice made by others.

If you were to change the cake topper and the writing on the side, this cake would be absolutely perfect for a chic summer wedding.


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Most couples would dream of having such a beautiful, hand-crafted, tiered cake on their wedding day, let alone at a party for a not-yet-born baby.