Jam from 7 Best Edible Wedding Favors (That Aren’t Jordan Almonds) Slideshow

7 Best Edible Wedding Favors (That Aren’t Jordan Almonds) Slideshow

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Pick your favorite in-season fruit and boil it down for a simple, homemade, and delicious wedding favor. If you’re running short on time or don’t like to cook much, you can buy small jars of jam and personalize them with printed tags. 

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Potted Herbs

Give your guests a gift that keeps on giving. Buy and pot seedlings or, if you have a month, get seeds and grow them yourself. Pick fast-growing herbs like basil or mint and let your guests pick which plant they’d like.

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Infused Salt

Buy salt in bulk and infuse it with a favorite flavor, like lemon zest or rosemary leaves. Combine the salt and whatever you’re infusing it with in a food processor, and blend until your zest or herb is broken into small pieces. Portion into jars for your guests to take home and cook with.

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Caramel Corn

Sweet, crunchy caramel corn is an economical giveaway: popcorn kernels are inexpensive, and you can make a lot of popcorn in one batch. Or, buy premade caramel corn (or other seasoned popcorn) and scoop into paper bags. Seal them with customized labels or stickers. 

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Get in touch with a local beekeeper several months before your wedding and ask if he or she will share their harvest with you. Not only will you be giving your guests something sweet to take home with them, but you’ll also be supporting local farmers.

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Mini Pies

Bake a tiny pie for each of your guests, or find a bakery that will do so for you. Whether you serve them in small jars or in mini aluminum pie tins, these favors are sure to win over your guests.

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Who doesn’t love s’mores? Give your wedding guests a sweet on-the-go treat by packing a s’mores kit — a couple of marshmallows, a pair of graham crackers, and a square of chocolate — in a paper box.

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7 Best Edible Wedding Favors (That Aren’t Jordan Almonds) Slideshow